Cheers to a new chapter
of Just Be Nice.

Collars & Leashes

New Arrival

More than a clothing brand, Just Be Nice is a lifestyle.

Our mission is to create products that encourage people to be nice in their words, kind in their actions, and to create opportunities for everyone to impact the world in a positive way. 

New Arrival

Eco-friendly Dog Collar & Leash

Something nice for your pup, the planet, and dogs without a home!

Just Be-ing Nice

We think ‘nice’ begins with the smallest things, and the decisions we make everyday.

Highlight the Nice

We believe in spreading the message of niceness by sharing stories about the ways other people are being nice.

Creating Opportunities

We are dedicated to connecting with our community and creating opportunities for people to be a part of nice.

Just Be Nice Re-launches!

"My personal journey with Just Be Nice began twelve years ago, in 2011. I was in my early twenties, playing in a band, and someone handed me a bumper sticker at a music festival..."

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Our Partners

Just Be Nice is dedicated to partnering with other organizations who are nice to the planet and its people.

10% of all apparel and sticker sales will be donated towards and the Learn Kind Curriculum.

10% of all Pet Accessories will be donated to help homeless pets.