June 2020 WINNER

Erin Cuite lives in Bergen County, NJ and is one of the frontline healthcare workers during this Covid-19 pandemic. She earned her BSN this year, and then began working as a nurse after the pandemic broke out. Currently, Erin is working as a Float Nurse in a hospital in NJ, along with the local swabbing test center. 

We here at Just Be Nice want to thank Erin for her courage and hard work helping serve those who have fallen ill during this pandemic. Her bravery and dedication to her job during this time transcends our mission to make the world a better place, and we are happy to honor her by issuing her this award. 

Erin was kind enough to take some time to answer a few questions about what being nice means to her...


Q: Why do you think it is important to make the choice to "just be nice"?


A: "Have you ever smiled at a stranger or struck up a conversation with someone random at the store while grocery shopping? Do you know that feeing of satisfaction when they smile back or keep up the conversation? That feeling is why I think it is important to "just be nice." The energy flows both ways and there is instant gratification on both ends. Good things come into our lives when we are kind and remain open to the kindness of others."

Q:  What are some things that you do personally to carry out this message?


A: “Personally, I do my best each day to appear approachable and maintain a positive attitude towards whatever the day brings me. I have always believed that I will get to where I want to be in life if I am able to preserve the mentality of being a kind person with the best intentions. It's important to remember that individuals may be dealing with issues that others are not aware of. Although it is not right to let others treat us poorly, it is beneficial to keep in mind that they may be going through something personal. By reminding ourselves to, "just be nice" we are allowing our good intentions to move us in the right direction, while simultaneously impacting those around us. ”


Q: What are some examples of being nice that you have seen recently from other people?


A: “The Covid-19 pandemic has been such an odd time for all of us. I feel extremely grateful for all of the love and support that I have received over these last few months. Afraid that I could potentially pass on the virus to my family, I made the decision to stay in a hotel for the past 9 weeks. After a week there I realized I would be spending most of my weekly income on the room. I reached out to the community seeing if anyone would be kind enough to temporarily rent out a room until the number of Covid cases started to decrease. Shortly after I put the message out there, a woman reached out to me saying that she has been raising money to help nurses in the community and would like to pay for my room for as long as I needed. Not only that, but she also organized meals each night to be dropped off at the hotel for the nurses staying there. To be able to come back to a room, where I could isolate myself, after working two full time jobs for those months relieved so much stress. This was the ultimate act of kindness that I experienced during this time. I have also received leggings to keep me warm while was working at the local swabbing testing site, along with countless face masks which I shared with my nursing friends, and just tons of general support, such as loved ones checking in frequently. The support that the community has given towards nurses during this time is overwhelming and absolutely appreciated.”



Michael lives in St. Pete, and he's been a constant supporter of JBN for over 5 years!  By spreading niceness in his community and his family with the growth of Just Be Nice over the years and through “The Nicest” Contribution for our Kickstarter, this summer he’s taken action and helped us forge ahead to make the world better than we found it!  We took a little time to chat with him about his involvement with Just Be Nice!

Q: How did he first learn about and become involved with Just Be Nice?


A: JBN’s COO Finley, is lucky to have Michael as a member of her family and he learned about Just Be Nice from his amazing wife, who also happens to be Finley's (co-owners) mother.

Q:  We asked him to share a story with us of a time when he made the choice to “Just Be Nice”.


A: “I witnessed a car accident and stayed to assist one driver who was badly shaken up, but not hurt. We stayed for two hours waiting for the police; as your mother and I were the only witnesses. Turns out the other driver tried to place the blame on the driver we had helped. This was definitely not the case. She changed her story after the police spoke to us. It was nice to help a person in such an upsetting time.”


Q: As Just Be Nice Continues to grow we asked Michael how he would like to see us change.  Funnily enough he of course encouraged us to simply…


A: “Spread the message in as many ways as possible!”